Affordable Care Act (ACA)

On October 1st, the website went live!

A video demonstration of the process for purchasing insurance through the marketplace is now available online:

ACA Education and Training

With a small amount of grant funding, Wisconsin AHEC is offering education and training programs to at least 350 health professionals and students about the Affordable Care Act in the spring, summer, and early fall of 2014. Our centers and program office will be:

  • Making contact with professional associations and societies, practice management groups, and others while sharing plans for educating health professionals.
  • Working with area college or university health profession programs to plan marketplace education for their students.
  • Partnering with navigators in your community to bring health professionals and staff members to trainings they will be providing.

Resources and information for implementation

Wisconsin AHEC has compiled resources to assist Wisconsin health professionals and concerned community members who are implementing the Affordable Care Act and/or facilitating Health Exchange insurance signups during Fall 2013. As additional information becomes available, we will continue to add links below.

  • Affordable Care Act - overview presentation. General overview webinar presented June 27, 2013 -- by Covering Kids and Families, for AHEC summer interns in CHIP - community health internship program, found at:
  • Educational cartoon (7-minute animated video) produced by Kaiser Family Foundation, "The You Toons Get Ready for ObamaCare" -- explains components of the ACA and how various Americans are affected.
  • ACA Updates from Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA):  Workshops, Webinars, Outreach and Consumer Assistance
  • Health Insurance Marketplace Training:  Becoming a Certified Application Counselor Organization (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services --  Want to find out how your organization can help millions of Americans get health coverage?  If you’re interested in training your staff and volunteers to assist people applying for coverage through the Federally-facilitated Marketplace (including a State Partnership Marketplace), you can apply to be a Certified Application Counselor (CAC) organization. Applications are now available for interested organizations to complete at
    • Join us for a foundational training session that will cover what you need to know to become a Certified Application Counselor (CAC) organization.
    • More info about the marketplace is online at
  • REGTAP describes itself as a forum for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
    • Technical assistance and training related to Marketplace and Premium Stabilization programs guidance and operations that address the following areas: Federally-facilitated Marketplace Enrollment, Qualified Health Plan (QHP) Certification, Eligibility, Distributed Data Processing, Small Business Health Options Programs (SHOP), Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC) and Cost-Sharing Reduction (CSR) Programs, and the 3 R’s (Risk Adjustment, Reinsurance, and Risk Corridors)
    • The site includes a variety of materials including FAQs, presentation slides, supporting documents, white papers, and instructions.  It is aimed at exchanges, regulators, insurers, and agents and brokers, and is accessible only by registration.  Registration is simple, however, and gives the user access to a wealth of information.
  • Subsidy calculator - developed by the Kaiser Family Foundation, this is a handy tool for figuring out premium assistance for coverage purchased in the exchanges.
  • "How Buying Insurance Will Change under ObamaCare" article published by Kaiser Family Foundation (September 24, 2013):      Among other helpful points, the article explains that consumers will no longer have to provide details about their personal medical history during insurance application process, since the ACA law requires all preexisting conditions to be covered.
  • "Welcome Mat Effect of ACA Implementation Could Be Substantial" article published in Health Affairs:   Abstract: The Affordable Care Act will have important impacts on state Medicaid programs, likely increasing participation among populations that are currently eligible but not enrolled. The size of this “welcome-mat” effect is of concern for two reasons. First, the eligible but uninsured constitute a substantial share of the uninsured population in some states. Second, the newly eligible population will affect states’ Medicaid caseloads and budgets.



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